3. World Building

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Brain Jag

I'm going to give you the beginning of a scene. Your job is to continue where I left off. Stretch your imagination to write something such as no one else has ever written before. But . . . have fun!

portalHere it is:

"You're a volunteer, but you're starting to have second thoughts. What the devil happened to the training you were supposed to get for this mission? The stargate program must be in worse shape than you thought. You've got one partner who looks as if he was just dragged out of bed, and an inadequate-looking pile of survival and recon gear. A technician locks your suit helmet before you can ask any of the thousand questions boiling in your mind.

You're standing before a shimmering stargate — a doorway of unknown powers. Beyond it is another world. But what kind of world? Another planet, or galaxy? Or perhaps a fantasy realm filled with dragons and mythical beings?

Someone nudges you, and you step forward. There is a dazzling flash of light, a reverberating rumble that goes right through your suit — and then silence. And then you feel the new world materialize around you..."

Take it from here. What do you see? When you open your helmet, what do you hear, smell? Who are you likely to meet?

Now write your thoughts in the form of a short scene. (If you're using this course with other people, share what you've written with each other and compare notes.

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