1. On Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

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What Are the Rewards of Writing?

It's not always easy to write. In fact, it can be surprisingly hard work. But is it worth the aggravation?

You tell me . . .

1. When you write a story, especially a science fiction or fantasy story, you have a chance to explore a new world - any world you want - and design it yourself!

2. You can talk about any subject, from pure emotion to wacked out humor to hard science, all the way to what you think about your place in the universe.

3. You stretch your imagination and live your dreams. Do you have visions of tomorrow? Visions of worlds that might be? Visions of magical realms? Write them into stories, and you can share them with others.

4. Would you like to learn more about people? About science, or societies, or art, or religion? Whatever your passion, nothing will make you think about it harder than the challenge of writing a story about it.

5. Do you have something to say? Spin a tale about it. Nothing is quite so vivid as a well-spun tale. Tell a story you would like to hear.

In the sections that follow, we'll try to show you some of the signposts you must look for as you set out, like Lewis and Clark of old, or Captain Picard and Commander Adama of the future, to map your new worlds.

Choices, Choices

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