1. On Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

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Allow Me to Introduce Myself
My name is Jeff Carver (I use the more formal "Jeffrey A. Carver" on my stories and books), and I've been reading and writing science fiction just about my whole life. I wrote my first story in sixth grade, and have never stopped.
excerpt orbiter

The Mysterious Midnight Ride

I can't remember a time when I didn't love to read stories. When I was a kid, my favorites were stories about space travel and the future, and wonderful inventions. They had names like Tom Corbett, Space Cadet; Stadium Beyond the Stars; and Battle on Mercury. Magical worlds were fun, too, and I was a big fan of Superman and other superheroes. I ached to explore new worlds. I stood in my backyard at night and looked up at the stars, and desperately wondered what it would be like to fly among them.

Well, we don't have starships yet. But in reading stories, and later writing stories, I've stood on the bridge of more and grander starships than Luke Skywalker and Captain Kirk combined.

What about you? Have you had a desire? an ache for something you can't reach? maybe something that doesn't exist on this world?

Through writing, perhaps you can touch that dream.


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