10. Finishing

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Most writers are terrific procrastinators.

Here are some activities that are generally unhelpful when you're stuck, but an amazing number of us engage in them anyway (myself included):

  • Talking on the phone
  • Checking e-mail
  • Organizing the music collection
  • Watching TV
  • Starting the laundry
  • Watering the plants (or better yet, repotting them)
  • Cleaning the aquarium
  • Sorting papers
  • Finishing the laundry
  • Bathing the dog
  • Trimming the cat's claws
  • Foraging for food
  • Daydreaming

Actually, that last one may be an exception. If you can channel your daydreams and make use of them, they can be a source of ideas that may help you past your problem spots.


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