6. Deeper Dimensions of Conflict and Plot

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Conflict Becomes a Turning Point
Here's Highwing showing Jael a vision in the spiderweb—of a scene much like the one we saw in which Mogurn first gave her the pallisp, then took it away.
excerpt Dragons in the Stars

Following the dragon's act, Jael is relieved and joyful. She knows Highwing destroyed only an image of Mogurn; the real Mogurn is still alive, still commanding her ship, still angry.

But Highwing has shown her the truth, and given her courage as well as a taste of freedom. She no longer needs to be afraid of Mogurn or his pallisp. The freedom Jael has found in her own heart will carry forward into the world outside the rigger net, the world in which she must live once she has left the dragon behind.

The scene is a turning point for Jael—a small climax compared to those that will follow later in the book, but crucial to every decision she will make in the future. Her life will never be the same.


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