About This Course

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy is a course for aspiring young writers of all ages. It began as an interactive TV show, broadcast via satellite into middle school classrooms as part of a publicly funded distance-learning network called MCET (Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications). Along with the production staff at MCET, I developed the show and served as on-air host. MCET is no more; but later, I recreated and expanded the lessons for MathSoft, Inc., who included the course as one module in a home-study CD-ROM called Studyworks Science, and offered it online, as well. After several editions, the CD went out of print and the course reverted to me.

What you see here is a redesigned version of the MathSoft course. I have decided to offer it for free as a public service to young aspiring writers. I hope, eventually, to include video clips of some of the authors who appeared as guests on the original TV show. (Time will tell.)

I would like to thank SFF.Net for hosting the course, also as a public service. Check out their website, as they have a lot of interesting stuff for the SF or fantasy fan.

Thanks for visiting. If you'd like to know more about me and my writing, please visit my web site. If you need to reach me, you can email me at jeff(at)writesf.com.

—Jeffrey A. Carver


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